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cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) coaching
diploma programme

8 JANUARY 2024

8 APRIL 2024

8 JULY 2024

7 OCTOBER 2024

Become a Professional CBT Coach with Umm Faruq's comprehensive online training programme

This unique set of courses combines CBT counselling skills, Motivational Interviewing, targeted nutrition, and crucial mental-health knowledge.

Starting at Level 1, the expected outcome of this 4-level, 12-month programme is for trainees to have developed the knowledge and skills required to offer CBT coaching at a professional level.





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"I wish it was more sessions, not just 4. But it was amazing."

(Introduction to CBT)


"I enjoyed the course very much. I have learned plenty to enable me to help myself primarily and my teenagers."

"It was a great introductory course and has given enough insight and encouragement for me to want to learn more about CBT and implement the methods. There is a great need for it."

"I have left this course being empowered, well-informed and educated in CBT. Each session was packed with new but easy to understand concepts which we had the chance to explore."

"I really enjoyed the course and it has taught me a lot about myself and others alhamdulillaah."

A little about the tutor, Umm Faruq (Dip. IMHA, Dip. ICAA)

Located in South London, Umm Faruq is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 18, ma shaa Allaah. She is a trained counsellor, clinical nutritionist, clinical herbalist, functional medicine practitioner, mental health law & practice specialist, independent advocate, independent mental health advocate, independent Care Act advocate, qualified adult teacher, author of the book G.R.A.S.P., and founder/director of Muslimah Network charity. Now in her 60s, Umm Faruq has over 30 years' experience working as a mental health professional in a variety of settings - such as in Social Services, the NHS, within charitable organisations, residential and day care, and community/family support outreach services. Umm Faruq is passionate about health and nutrition, keeping her skills and knowledge up to date with the latest cutting-edge research findings related to holistic health and wellbeing, and it gives her great pleasure to know that she can use her experience, skills and knowledge to help and support others.

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