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How well are your gut flora doing?

Our human microbiome is made up of communities of bacteria, all of which call our bodies home. Without these clusters of bacteria in our gut, also known as "gut flora" we would be incapable of extracting the critical nutritional compounds needed to function.

Research has uncovered an intricate web connecting our gut flora to virtually every process in our body. This vast digestive ecosystem might be as influential as our genes in everything from mental health to athleticism and obesity.

An imbalanced gut microbiome can lead to a weakened gut barrier. Harmful bacteria are then able to escape into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system, sparking inflammation, and putting us at risk for a range of physical and mental diseases.

Don't guess it... test it!

Use the home collection kit to collect a stool sample. Activate your kit online and track your status using the GoodnRaw portal.


Post sample to the lab for analysis using the prepaid return postage in any Royal Mail postbox.


Receive your results and personal advice on real ways to improve your gut health.

Measures short-chain fatty acids and other biomarkers mainly produced by gut bacteria. By measuring how many are produced, you are seeing how well your gut is performing.

Determines how healthy the gut is by quantifying how many 'good' (such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) and 'bad' (such as E. Coli and clostridium difficile) bacteria are present.

Combines both Functional and Compositional testing. Measures faecal calprotectin, which determines your digestive inflammation, helping distinguish between IBS and IBD and/or manage known conditions.

What's Included?


In the Box

Sample collection tube

Faeces catcher


Prepaid return box

Instruction guide

Comprehensive Report

You will receive an easy-to-read, online report of your test findings, with personalised dietary and lifestyle advice, helping you move forward on your journey towards optimal health, in shaa Allaah.

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