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Good&Raw - Herbal Healing Heritage

Expertly prepared herbal remedies for holistic healing and mental health

For centuries herbs have been used for healing, and at Good&Raw we use well-researched and long-established herbal remedies to support a holistic approach to both mental and physical health and well-being that is compatible with the body and each client's individual biochemistry.

Using a tailor-made approach, combining a comprehensive nutritional consultation along with specially prepared herbal remedies and treatments, we are able to offer an individual service targeted at remedying the actual cause of problems as opposed to just symptoms management.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) counselling for women is also available by distance, as well as advanced gut microbiome testing kits, enabling us to provide you with a truly holistic service intended to help you regain control over your symptoms and your journey back to health.


"We found Umm Faruq’s nutritional assessment to be profoundly beneficial. It has helped my daughter to understand underlying health issues that she has had for many years. The assessment is very detailed and takes in information from many areas of one’s life. It was far more thorough than the information the GP has taken from us. The telephone consultation after filling the assessment was both useful and very convenient. We were able to choose a time suitable for us in the comfort of our own home. The consultation helped my daughter to understand how different issues she has stem from her diet and lifestyle. She has benefitted greatly and feels more able to manage her issues."

"I have found Umm Faruq’s nutritional assessment service to be very thorough. It was able to identify my nutritional needs, how they were connected and what I needed to change or to add to my diet to improve my nutritional deficiencies. I was given easy to implement dietary advice, and Umm Faruq was able to answer any questions or concerns, enabling me to see what part of my body was being affected by my bad diet. Overall I am really impressed with Umm Faruq’s nutritional assessment and thanks to it I have been able to implement changes and have seen an Instant improvement in both my mental and physical health."

"Having never had counselling I was nervous about commencing sessions, however Umm Farooq made me feel at ease immediately, alhamdhulillah. The sessions have really helped me to find clarity and peace of mind, all within an Islamically appropriate setting, alhamdhulillah. I would highly recommend Umm Farooq for counselling and nutritional analysis; she is a highly experienced therapist with a wealth of experience and insight, maa shaa Allah."

Umm Safiya, Leicester

Ms Ahmed, East London

Umm Hamza, West London


Herbal formulas sold on Good&Raw website are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult with their GP or health therapist.

Long-term health problems?

Always seek advice from a health practitioner (i.e. herbalist, nutritionist or GP) before taking a herbal supplement. This is particularly important if you are taking any prescribed drugs, as interactions can occur. It is also important if you have diabetes, as some supplements can affect blood sugar levels.

Pregnant or breastfeeding?

Never take any supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless they are specially designed for use at this time (e.g. pregnancy formulas/blends) or have been recommended by a health practitioner.

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